AnalyticSoftLab has completed a major project to create a system to counter fraud for an American start-up.

28.12.2016  Category: Events

The main goal of the project was to create a hardware-software protected infrastructure that realizes the function of checking the financial requirements of medical institutions for insurance companies. Security and certification of hardware infrastructure was provided by a licensed "cloud" provider.

Our company as software development company in Kiev has implemented logical algorithms for verifying information in financial requirements and infrastructure for managing them. Applications received from insurance companies are disassembled into components, stored in the vault and undergo a verification procedure in accordance with the type. The inconsistencies identified during the verification process are studied by the end user, who makes the final decision on accepting or rejecting the financial requirements of the medical institution. An important feature of the developed system is price monitoring based on the basic approaches to pricing in medical institutions in the United States and depends on the location of the provision of related services. Valuations obtained in this way are also used in algorithmic analysis and prevent potential fraud in health insurance.


"Analysts SoftLab" is a reliable company for development of software products and systems for the corporate and banking sector. We specialize in the development of data integration and consolidation systems, countering money laundering, automating production processes, identifying corrupt schemes and conflicts of interest, analyzing risks, identifying hidden relationships and fraudulent models.