AnalyticSoftLab has completed a major project to create a system to counter fraud for an American start-up.
28.12.2016  Category: Events
The company has completed the development and deployment of a project to counter fraud in health insurance.
The company became a laureate of the contest "Professional Prize in the field of banking technologies, equipment and services - 2011"
30.07.2011  Category: Events
"AnalyticSoftLab" becomes the winner of the all-Ukrainian competition in the nomination "Anti-Money Laundering System"
The project in Kyivstar GSM
12.10.2010  Category: Events
AnalyticSoftLab has completed the project to implement the "Research Station" system in Kyivstar GSM.
The company AnalyticSoftLab has concluded an agreement with Unicredit Bank for the modernization of the financial monitoring system.
08.10.2010  Category: Events
Within the framework of this project, the data interface will be supplemented and the scoring model will be expanded with new scenarios.