Information collection system from web «WebObserver»

Based on web technologies, this solution is designed for prompt extracting, structuring and storaging data from the open sources. Web sites publications, online editions and news portals may be the sources for the basic form of solution. Structured data, for example, quotations or personal data, e-mails or documents, stored in the local network, may act as sources in special cases. Thus, user can find in unified interface the information retrieved from various sources and carry out efficient mass media monitoring.

WebObserver is often used with another solution “Research Station” which complements the information from open sources with structured data on an object under investigation. Such combination widens the picture of the object and helps to find covert interconnections.

WebObserver scans connected sources, analyzes updates, and processes new pages or documents selecting only necessary information. After that such information is structured, indexed and saved to own database. User can search in the database, get original documents, create statistical reports and information digests, set up personal news flow and receive notification on finding new information.

Main functions:

  • Prompt extraction, parsing, indexing and recording new publications from the sources of interest.
  • Semantic sorting of data stored;
  • Prompt notification by e-mail about finding information of interest;
  • Automated reports and digests creation on topics of interest;
  • Exporting of publications selected;
  • Companies or persons information activity evaluation based on statistical reports;
  • System’s entire period information archiving, various dossiers forming;
  • Efficient information search and processing in archive;
  • Personal publications flow forming.

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