Software development company.

AnalyticSoftLab holds a leading position among domesticanalytical software providers for financial and corporate sector. Professionalism and responsibility of our specialists have been tested for more than ten years of projects implementation for leading international and local companies.

The company brought to life its strategy of rapid growth by combining efforts of experts in software and finance industries – each and every project we implement improves our products, technologies and methodological base. Modern information technologies together with experience we gained help financial institutes to create and improve anti-fraudulent and anti-money laundering strategies, to prevent, detect and counteract financial fraud and fraudulent activities, to reduce risk of financial losses, to protect reputation and increase operational efficiency.

Main company activities:

    Development and support of large databases, datawarehouses (banks, state institutions etc.)
    Text collection and content analysis (searching, clustering, entity extraction etc.)
    Data mining and analysis software development (suspicious activity in bank transactions, entity link analysis etc.)
    Custom software development and support in connected to our activity areas
    Consulting on software and database design (development).

Products developed and supplied:

    Web scraping and content analysis system (
    Bank transaction checking system (FinMonitor)
    Link analysis system with reach visualization capabilities (Investigation Station)
    Data integration server software (Synkron)
    Data collection and processing system (Wisegard).
    Web based application to build centralized database of operation data. Is flexible and customizable to any data structures.

Software and tools: Java, Tomcat, JBoss, Intellij IDEA, Netbeans, maven, Hudson, ORM etc. .NET, c#, VS2008-2015, Resharper, ORM Oracle 8-12, MS SQL, Postgresql, SQL, PL/SQL XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery, Prototype)

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