Software development

AnalyticSoftLab offers full cycle of software development and implementation that allows our clients to receive all kind of services for successful project implementation.

Our company offers its experience in software and software products development with industrial approach to project management and use of modern designing and software development technologies. We specialize in financial, analytical and data integration (syncronizing and transforming) system development that allows efficient use of modules gained and business knowledge in ongoing projects.

We offer full cycle software development services:

Custom software development (Milestones, development methodologies and approaches used in software development)

  • Object and automation process business analysis
  • Includes list of works to formalize needs and processes for specific business. As a result one get a set of specifications describing system interaction with process participants and being the starting point for software development.

  • Task setting on software development
  • This step describes in detail general requirements with regards to technologies, technical limitations and methodologies of software development.

  • Models of interaction and object modelsdesigning
  • These models describe system objects, their properties and functions, usually system’s objects reflect the essens of the real world. Such objects and order of their interaction provide a framework for direct coding during software development process.

  • Database engineering
  • A database model is engineered on an object model basis with considering the specifics of database management system chosenfor software development project implementation.

  • Engineering and user interface (UI) designing
  • It’s a visual presentation development of user interface and controlling components with considering the software development technologychosen.

  • Software testing
  • Performed by independent subdivision using software system quality management. Comprehensive testing is held to meet all functional and technical requirements for software.

  • Software support and maintaining
  • We offer several options for technical support and systems maintenance so that our customers can choose the one that fits them most.

    Software development for banks, on the basis of our software products and technologies

  • ready-made software modules and components for software development applying
  • use of accumulated experience and program interfaces for integration with banking program solutions and systems
  • Knowledge accumulated in finance and banking helps our company to reduce the risk of incorrect interpretation of requirements and find the best solutions together with our customers on minimal costs. We can significantly reduce budget for software development project with our ready-made sotware components.

    Multipurpose projects on implementation of complicated software products and systems management

  • software development requirements audit and administration
  • methodology and software development process audit and control
  • software development projects budgeting audit and management
  • software development processtechnological maturity audit and consulting
  • Technologies we use in software development projects:

    • programming languages C#, Java, C++, Python, PHP, .NET etc.;
    • DBMS Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2.

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