Changes to the Rules for the organization of statistical reporting submitted to the NBU.
17.02.2014  Category: Articles
Зареєстровано в Міністерстві юстиції України 23 січня 2014 року за № 143/24920
Documentation on the formation of forms №200 and №201 statistical reporting NBU
07.04.2013  Category: Articles
Documentation on Forming Forms No. 200 and No. 201 of NBU Statistical Reports from 2013
Documentation on the formation of files D0 and D1 for forms №200 and №201 statistical reporting of the NBU from 2013
07.04.2013  Category: Articles
Documentation on the formation of files D0, D1 forms №200 and №201 of NBU reporting from 2013
Strategies for assessing the risks of money laundering and terrorism financing
11.10.2011  Category: Articles
Unofficial translation of the FATF 2009
New concepts on risk based approach (risk based, RBA) in the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism in European legislation.
02.03.2011  Category: Articles
The document describes new legislative approaches in the construction of AML models based on a risky approach.