Personal data check on the lists “WiseGard”

«WiseGard» is the solution designed to automate the process of interaction between company divisions when checking personal data of individuals and legal entities to find information about them in "black lists" or special databases.

«WiseGuard» is easy-to-configure-and-scale solution. Based on web-technologies, it allows unifying objects’ checking and monitoring within a company, reducing significantly complexity of specialized databases support, neutralizing human factor while conducting checks and further objects’ control.

The solution is set as on manual verification of information about customers, partners, contractors and employees as on automatic background mode check while entering questionnaries to the system or lists updating. The check uses our development – unique probabilistic algorithms of information verification. Such algorithms are very helpful in conducting search when it is possible to mix, for example, Russian and Ukrainian languages, objects name, passport data etc.

Main functions of WiseGard:

  • Form structure construction with possibility to insert repeating elements;
  • Form checkup rulesmanagement;
  • List management;
  • Integrated data logic control when filling out the data form;
  • Users’ actions recording at all stages of questionnaire;
  • Automatic checkup of form, recording to system, with notification of responsible officer;
  • The ability for supporting specialist to configure response;
  • Automatic checkup of data stored when updating lists and spesialized databases.

Main process

Modules and functions

For more details please check out presentation of the product or contact us