New smart functions in the banking system of financial monitoring
15.03.2018  Category: News
Updating of the program complex for financial monitoring "AML Insighter"
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in AML Insighter.
06.12.2017  Category: News
The company develops deep learning modules for use in financial monitoring.
The release of the update of the automation system for financial monitoring and AML Insighter money laundering.
05.06.2017  Category: News
AnalyticSoftLab released another update of the system with advanced scoring functions.
Release of the updated Synchron data integration system.
27.09.2016  Category: News
AnalyticSoftLab releases the update of the synchronization server and data integration Synchron.
The release of the update of the bank's financial monitoring program. New interface capabilities, a significant acceleration of the user.
10.02.2016  Category: News
AnalyticSoftLab publishes an update for the financial monitoring system AML Insighter.