Indication of the system status in the updated software for financial monitoring in the bank "AML Insighter".

24.05.2019  Category: News

The new version of the system has a custom display panel for resource-intensive operations that take significant time. This functionality allows you to evaluate at what stage the running procedure is in absolute and relative values ??(percent), to evaluate important technical aspects of the technological platform (database performance, communication channel capacity, etc.). In addition, a low-level software subsystem for securely interrupting processes is implemented, which gives the financial monitoring system additional user flexibility.

The second significant innovation in the updated version is the new subsystem for generating and creating operations subject to financial monitoring. On different data sets, we obtained a performance increase from 15 to 70%, which significantly saves the valuable time of the staff involved in these tasks.

If you are interested in our financial monitoring automation system in a bank or are looking for an artist for custom software development on modern technologies, please contact our specialists for a comprehensive consultation on the possibilities of software implementation. Our accumulated experience and technological maturity of processes will help you to get the desired software product within the planned budget.

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