Parallelization of work in the software system of automation of financial monitoring of the bank.

16.11.2018  Category: News

Parallel processing is now available in our software products. Our company is completing the preparation of a new version of the program for financial monitoring in the bank - "AML Insighter", which is scheduled for release the beginning of 2019.

A distinctive feature of the new version will be the work of parallel processes for resource-intensive tasks that were previously performed sequentially in one thread. Preliminary tests show a 25% increase in the speed of execution of software tasks of this class.

For the end user, this will mean the release of a significant amount of time for analyzing operations subject to mandatory financial monitoring or analyzing customer activity, which entails a reduction in operational and reputational risks for the bank as a whole, since the work will be more qualitative.

It was possible to get this result by introducing the latest data processing technologies and avoiding the usual sequential process of their processing. In addition to the mentioned low-level software changes, new user functions and some information screens have been added to improve the usability of the software for financial monitoring.

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