Financial monitoring system upgrade

27.08.2015  Category: News

New version holds new features as follows:

  • latest legislative requirements for banks in financial monitoring;
  • automated input of politicians and persons-of-influence lists;
  • improved security in data transmission and processing;
  • new parameters to search and investigate activities subject to financial monitoring, e.g., non-profit organization financial activity search, control for financial activity of high-level risk customers, etc.

    New version of AML Insighter is scheduled to release on August 10, 2015

    Press Office.

    AnalyticSoftLab holds a leading position among domestic financial monitoring software providers for banks and corporate sector. The company specializes in anti-money laundering software development, risk analysys, hidden connections/object relation and fraudulent schemesdetection.

    Main software products:

    Software development:

  • object and automation process business analysis
  • task setting on software development
  • models of interaction and object models designing
  • database engineering
  • engineering and user interface (UI) designing
  • software testing
  • software support and maintaining
  • ready-made software modules and components for software development applying
  • software development requirements audit and administration
  • methodology and software development process audit and control
  • software development projects budgeting audit and management
  • software development process technological maturity audit and consulting
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