Software development and project management

The experts of our company implemented dozens of projects in software development, risk management and economic security for various sectors of economy. We offer the service of professional experienced team that can significantly reduce time of project implementation, cut the budget, minimize project risks and fully implement business requirements with high level of quality.

AnalyticSoftLab offers its experience in its experience in software and software products development with industrial approach to project management and use of modern designing and software development technologies. Our company specializes in financial, analytical and data consolidation system development that allows efficient use of modules gained and business knowledge in ongoing projects.

Main software products:

Software development:

  • object and automation process business analysis
  • task setting on software development
  • models of interaction and object models designing
  • database engineering
  • engineering and user interface (UI) designing
  • software testing
  • software support and maintaining
  • ready-made software modules and components for software development applying
  • software development requirements audit and administration
  • methodology and software development process audit and control
  • software development projects budgeting audit and management
  • software development process technological maturity audit and consulting