Kirovograd tax officials revealed a criminal scheme in a commercial bank

28.02.2011  Category: News The complex of operational and search activities under the provisional name "Envelope" is now being carried out in Ukraine aimed at identifying and destroying centers for illegal conversion of funds, attracting enterprises that have had relationships with fictitious firms and, consequently, bringing criminals to criminal liability. According to Vitaly Zaitov, deputy chief of the tax police department - head of the investigation department of the tax police of the STA in the Kirovograd region, during the pre-trial investigation of the criminal case on charges of Kirovograd residents who became organizers of the conversion center, investigators of the Kirovograd tax police found several interesting facts. it turned out that workers of two different banking institutions of the regional center violated the requirements of the legislation on banks and banking activities lnosti, prevention and counteraction to legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and on the implementation of financial monitoring by banks on non-cash payment in Ukraine in the national currency.

For a clear and smooth operation of the converting center, its organizers started a close acquaintance with these banking employees. The latter unlawfully divulged information that became known to them in connection with their official activities. Information on the movement of funds on current accounts of fictitious subjects of entrepreneurial activity was reported by bank employees not to their authorized directors or accountants in accordance with law, but directly to the organizers of the "conversion" center. But that's not all. For the fee they provided these converters with access to the bank accounts of these enterprises and the possibility of receiving cash from the bank's cash department. As a result of such "cooperation" from the accounts of the above-mentioned business entities during 2005-2009, Kirovohrad fraudsters illegally withdrew and transferred 35.3 million hryvnia to cash from checks of Kirovograd branches of two banking institutions.

How to fight inside the bank with money laundering with the help of software you can find out here A criminal case was initiated against bank employees on the grounds of crimes provided for in Article 5 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The investigation continues