AnalyticSoftLab completed the implementation of the system for automation of financial monitoring and analysis of AML Insighter's clients in PJSC PRAVEX-BANK.

12.09.2014  Category: News

The solution from AnalyticSoftLab will allow PRAVEX-BANK to perform complex transaction monitoring, detect suspicious transactions, suspicious behavior of clients during any period of time and conduct a comprehensive analysis of clients, including quarterly analysis of customer activities required by the NBU.

The installed software allows to automate the whole complex of financial monitoring processes, starting from the creation of templates for the selection of financial transactions to be monitored, to the generation of reports for the National Bank.

AnalystSoftLab specialists provided integration of the monitoring system with corporate accounting systems. To integrate AML Insighter with the corporate information storehouse of the bank, we use our own software product, which ensures the control of the completeness and integrity of the data from the ODB bank.

By implementing the system, the bank's specialists plan to significantly reduce the risk of using the bank's services for money legalization, promptly identify and respond to identified threats, with a significant reduction in the laboriousness of the process of analysis and selection of transactions subject to financial monitoring. Based on the results obtained, customers can automatically be assigned a corresponding risk of involvement in the legalization of cash, an analytical assessment and assignment of risk to the branches of the credit institution and the bank as a whole.

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