The company AnalyticSoftLab began work on a new project in PJSC Swedbank.

27.03.2011  Category: News

The company AnalyticSoftLab has launched a project to introduce an intellectual system to counter money laundering in Swedbank.

With the introduction of the system, the bank's specialists plan to significantly reduce the risk of using the bank's services to legalize money, promptly identify and respond to identified threats. The implemented system will make it possible to comprehensively investigate the client base for the identification of clients leading suspicious activity. Based on the obtained results of suspicion, clients are automatically assigned a corresponding risk of involvement in the legalization of cash, an analytical assessment and assignment of risk to the branches of the credit organization and the bank as a whole.

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to consolidate data from several accounting systems, clean up and integrate into a single database. The result of the analysis will be exported to accounting systems for detailed analysis of the client by responsible employees.

The output of the system is the assessment of the risk of the client's involvement in the legalization of funds, the risk assessment of the departments and the products offered by the bank for use in money laundering schemes.

The functionality of the system fully complies with Ukrainian regulatory requirements that oblige to conduct a quarterly analysis of the activities of customers and appropriate appropriation of risks for them in the context of branches, products and the bank as a whole.

Detailed information on the software product for financial monitoring can be obtained from here


AnalyticSoftLab is one of the leading domestic developer software systems for the financial and corporate sectors. The company specializes in developing systems for countering money laundering, identifying corruption schemes and conflicts of interest, risk analysis, identifying hidden relationships / object models and fraudulent schemes.