New AML system update, more analytics and XML generator

08.08.2018  Category: News

AnalyticSoftLab prepared an update of the banking AML system. In the new release of the program for financial monitoring of the bank "AML Insighter" new smart functions have been added, which allow to significantly reduce the time for processing transactions by employees. In addition, a number of checks and settings that significantly increase the level of automatic processing of operations are implemented. On test data, the level of automatic processing of financial transactions was about 70%.

To achieve this result, extended logical functions for determining the participant with the type of participation "Client" with the participation of two clients of the bank participated in the transaction. In previous versions, this situation was manually edited by users.

Also added new features and improvements in the user interface for generating the form 200 and a new XML file with data of this form in accordance with the requirements of the NBU. Deliveries of the file have been successfully accepted by the regulator.

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