Cabinet takes under supervision of those who wish to buy an apartment

01.09.2010  Category: News The State Committee for Financial Monitoring will maintain a register of persons intending to make a transaction of purchase and sale of real estate in the amount of UAH 400,000 or more.

This is stipulated by the Government Resolution No. 746 of August 25 "On Approving the Procedure for Providing State Information to the Request of the Primary Financial Monitoring for Information on the Identification of the Client," the newspaper says.

According to the document, the real estate intermediary within three working days from the moment of establishing a business relationship with a client intending to make a transaction for the amount of 400 thousand UAH or more, submits information to the State Committee for entering it into the register of primary financial monitoring entities.

Gosfinmonitoring, in turn, maintains a special register, which, in particular, indicates data on persons who have or intend to conduct an operation in the real estate market for the amount of UAH 400,000 or more, as well as their trustees, the date and time of the attempt, conducting or refusing to conduct a financial transaction.

The effect of this procedure does not apply to banks, including their structural subdivisions. In relation to them, the order of financial monitoring, according to the law, will be developed by the National Bank.