New smart functions in the banking system of financial monitoring

15.03.2018  Category: News

Now faster and more efficient. AnalitiksoftLab company is preparing to release the next update AML program for financial monitoring in the bank "AML Insighter" . The updated version of the software product introduced a subsystem of automated processing operations, which significantly reduces staff time to perform routine daily procedures for mandatory monitoring of customer transactions.

Automated subsystem will allow in auto-mode to perform a number of procedures previously performed manually by employees. A flexible configuration control panel will provide the user with ample opportunities to adjust the behavior of the software subsystem, depending on the performance of the rules for selecting transactions based on financial monitoring. The system, for example, can emulate the user's work in cases when it is sure of correctness of positive workings and prepare an operation for sending to the authorized institution.

In addition, improvements have touched on usability of the software package, the speed of querying operations search using modern organization data topologies and automating the checks for completeness and correctness of data in the prepared operations for sending.

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