Artificial Intelligence (AI) in AML Insighter.

06.12.2017  Category: News

This month, AnalyticSoftLab launched the development of an artificial intelligence module based on in-depth learning. The main mechanism will be the deep neural network. The main tasks that will be addressed by" smart modules "will be: identification of suspicious client transactions subject to mandatory or internal financial monitoring, evaluation of the client as a whole for belonging to the group of "bad" guys and identifying customers who are in the "border zone", i.e. those whose behavior is similar to the behavior of customers who have switched from "good" to "bad."

With these developments, the company plans to significantly improve the quality of the selection of operations for preliminary analysis in rules that are difficult to automate and require manual intervention and the human brain. In addition, the functions and conclusions obtained with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) will be integrated into existing mechanisms as separate parameters, which will significantly increase the flexibility of the model configuration by end users of the AML system.

Ready-to-use modules of in-depth training are planned for next summer.

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