The release of the update of the automation system for financial monitoring and AML Insighter money laundering.

05.06.2017  Category: News

The new version of the software product implements all the new legislative requirements of the "Approved Authority" and the National Bank of Ukraine, including statistical reporting (Form No. 200) and new requirements to the selection rules on the basis of mandatory and internal financial monitoring.

Particular attention in updating the software system was paid to improve the ease of use of the system (usability) and reduce the user's time to process one operation. Also, the opportunities for setting up scenarios of the scoring system involved in the operation are significantly expanded. Within the single suspicious scenario, flexible parametric settings have been added, which makes it possible to use one template for different accounts correspondence and on different time intervals.

The updated version of the financial monitoring software significantly reduces staff time for performing routine operations, reduces the likelihood of errors in processing due to extension of the audit subsystem and increases the flexibility of building a scoring model for analyzing activities in the context of suspicious behavior of a client when money laundering or minimizing the tax base.

The release of this product release is scheduled for June 14, 2017.