AnalyticSoftLab has completed the development of a new version of the automated Financial Monitoring System of the bank AML Insighter.

25.04.2013  Category: News

The presented new release of the financial monitoring system of the bank simplifies and improves the most labor-intensive functions of mandatory financial monitoring with a view to minimizing the time costs and minimizing the probability of error in the formation of NBU statistical reporting, the search for mandatory financial monitoring operations, the formation of NBU statistical reporting, namely Forms No.200 and Forms No. 201, and the automatic assignment of risk to the client of the bank when analyzing its activities.

Improvements to the mechanism for searching for transactions subject to financial monitoring have concerned the interfaces for rapid operation evaluation, the functionality of the search results interface for transactions subject to financial monitoring, and optimization of the search for transactions subject to mandatory financial monitoring on grounds 1031 and 1032.

Form 200 and form 201 statistical reporting NBU in the new release are editable and are presented in a convenient form for user perception. The final data of forms 200 and form 201 of NBU statistical reporting after editing can be used to generate the corresponding files D0 and D1.

The improved mechanism for searching for transactions based on characteristics 1031 and 1032 allows you to significantly reduce the time spent on analyzing the account movement and quickly decide on the compliance of the financial transaction with mandatory monitoring.

The expected release date of the product is "AML Insighter" on May 1, 2013.



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