"AnalyticSoftLab" began work on testing the software product "AML Insighter"

01.06.2011  Category: News This software product belongs to the class of money laundering systems (AML Solutions). The main functions of the product are:

Analysis of customer activities. Scoring customers.

This function in the System is implemented using a managed scenario model based on the scoring mechanism. Each suspicious scenario is built on the basis of a logical template (behavior model), which can have an unlimited number of implementations. The company conducted a large amount of work to collect and systematize approaches to the process of identifying "launderers" in the world's largest financial groups. Each scenario has its own weight, reflecting the risk level of the scenario when it is triggered (found) by the bank customer. Next scoring system counts for each customer the total value, which is a quantitative assessment of the risk level of the client. Depending on the logic accepted by the analyst, the client automatically sets the level of risk for involvement in money laundering.

Assign risk level to branch and bank.

The level of risk to branches and the bank as a whole is established based on the level of anomaly of clients' behavior. Under the level of anomaly of the department is meant a quantitative assessment of how much the behavior of clients in the department is different from the standard behavior of customers in the bank. Anomalies are calculated on the basis of complex statistical algorithms taking into account all the scenarios that the analyst uses in the analysis model. Depending on the levels of anomalies received, the departments and the bank are assigned the appropriate risks.

In addition to the above functions, the product has a powerful management tool for "Black Lists" and verification of them, visualization of customer relationships, tools for searching for single operations and models, and the means for mandatory financial monitoring.

In addition to powerful analytical tools for the end user, the server part of the "AML Insighter" allows you to work in the mode of integration with many sources, i.e. can be integrated with several accounting systems. Basic ODB and card, for example.

Estimated date of release of the product «AML Insighter» August 1, 2011.

Detailed information on the software product for financial monitoring can be obtained from here