AnalyticSoftLab began work on the implementation of the system of financial monitoring and analysis of customer activities in the "PRAVEX-BANK."

23.06.2012  Category: News

Particular attention will be paid to the implementation and automation of mandatory financial monitoring functions , namely the flexible mechanism for constructing mandatory and internal monitoring rules, the convenience and optimization of the process of creating a register of operations and preparing operations for sending to DSFMU, managing file sharing with DSFMU, control timely identification of customers and the formation of statistics.

By implementing the system, the bank's specialists plan to significantly reduce the risk of using the bank's services to legalize money, promptly identify and respond to identified threats. The implemented system will make it possible to comprehensively investigate the client base for the identification of clients leading suspicious activity. Based on the obtained results of suspicion, customers are automatically assigned an appropriate level of risk of involvement in the legalization of funds, an analytical assessment and assignment of risk to the branches of the credit institution and the bank as a whole.

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to consolidate data from several accounting systems, clean up and integrate into a single database. The main source of data for the system is ABS FlexCube.

The functionality of the system fully complies with the Ukrainian regulatory requirements for financial monitoring, including a quarterly analysis of the activities of customers and the appropriation of appropriate risks for them by departments, products and the bank as a whole.